The Top 21 Ways to Use GRAPES from CALIFORNIA


1.  BAKE — Grapes act like any other berry–which is what they are–in baking applications, including tarts, cakes, breads, and pizzas (or focaccia, too).  Baked Brie en croute with grapes is a classic for buffets.

2.  BLEND — Toss them–skins and all–into a blender to create smoothies, cocktails, and other tasty drinks.

3.  BLISTER — High heat is the trick (try grape seed oil for this).  Cook just until the skins are taut.

4.  BROIL — Try grapes wrapped in prosciutto for a riff on Angels on Horseback.  Great for tapas.

5.  CLIP — The best way to present grapes on a fruit platter or as a plate garnish is to clip them into smaller clusters.  Grapes provide coverage, color, dimension and simply great taste.

6.  CUP — Fill mini pie crusts with a little lemon-infused cream cheese and top with champagne grapes.  Divine!

7.  DECORATE — With three vibrant colors to work with, grapes are a caterer’s dream.  So go ahead drape, nestle, be-ribbon–your imagination is the limit.

8.  DIP — Rich chocolate–dark, milk, white–and grapes make a delightful pairing.

9.  DRESS — Grapes blend particularly well with salad dressing of all types, offering their own juicy flavors of sweet and tart to the mix.

10.  FREEZE — Freeze grapes in single layers and add to beverages, ice creams, gelatos and sorbets.

11.  FROST — Grapes “frosted” with sugars are an elegant garnish for flans and brulees, cakes and dessert plates.

12.  GRAB-‘n-GO —  Pack ’em in clam shells, plastic tumblers–whatever you’ve got–as a stand-alone grab-n-go or as a side or accompaniment to sandwiches and wraps.

13.  GRILL — Skewer up the grapes, brush with a glaze, grill and serve warm as a side, garnish, or for dipping.

14.  LAYER — Grapes are juicy, nutritious, and beautiful in parfaits.

15.  PICKLE — Pickled grapes are a wonderful side for a Ploughman’s Lunch.

16.  ROAST —  Just like when you roast vegetables, grapes also caramelize, yielding a flavor that is wholly unique.  You can top your dish with roasted grapes as-is or turn them into a luscious sauce.

17.  SAUCE —  Think of the classic Sole Veronique and then create your own signature sauce with grapes.  Consider grape skillet sauces made with wine or other flavorful liquids, herbs and spices, shallots and garlic–improvise at will.

18.  SAUTE — Grapes tossed in hot oils and fats are literally ready to burst with flavor.

19.  SKEWER —  Replace tomatoes with grapes and skewer up a Caprese salad bite.  Alternate grape berries with cheese cubes, or grill them on a kebob with meats, fish and shrimp.

20.  SMOKE —  For a unique flavor dimension try smoked grapes.  They pair well with cheese, seafood, antipasto, and more.  Chicken crostini with smoked grapes anyone?

21.  SWAP —  Replace tomatoes with grapes; grapes can go anywhere a tomato goes…and beyond.  Think salsa, salads, gazpacho, skewers, roasted in sauces…and more!

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