My First Produce Expo

Most industries have annual trade conventions showing off new items and packaging.  The produce industry is no different.  I was fortunate to recently attend The Packer’s Midwest Produce Convention & Expo held in Kansas City, MO and the show was fascinating!

All of the companies displaying at the shows decorate their 8 x 10 foot space with brightly colored, eye catching packaging and giveaways designed to attract the interest of buyers working in retail, wholesale and the food service industry.  Customers enjoy a unique opportunity to get to know their suppliers face to face in a fun and enjoyable environment.  Our sales staff, and the other fresh produce suppliers have learned through their many years of attending conventions that buyers have certain colored name badges and those mean decision makers and possible purchase orders. The buyers also know from experience that vendors will do what it takes attract them to their booths for a few minutes of their valuable time and an exchange of business cards.

This was my first ever produce convention; in fact my first business convention of any kind.  The whole trip was an incredible learning experience.  The King Fresh tradition of sponsoring and exhibiting at the Midwest Expo stems from our company’s satellite location in Kansas City.  We enjoy The Packer’s Midwest Produce Convention and Expo, because we never know who we will meet that could enhance our company’s future…the possibilities are endless…and that’s exciting, too!


Paige Wilson


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