June: A Cherry Good Month for Fresh Produce

One of the best things about summer is the abundance and availability of fresh produce. Although it is now easier to buy fresh produce year round, to get the best deals on fruits that you love you should buy them when they are in season.

Right now is a great time to buy and enjoy California Cherries. Cherries are a versatile ingredient for pies, desserts, and more! They are also a sweet treat by Fresh_Cherry_Asparagus_Salad.jpgthemselves. For a delicious cherry and asparagus salad recipe to try this summer, click here! Even more awesome recipes that incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables can be found at the Fruits and Vegetables More Matters website.

Grapes, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and raspberries are also in season during the summer months. Remember to always try and fill half your plate with fresh produce, and to take advantage of the bountiful amount available during the summer! Check back at our blog throughout the summer for more yummy recipes!

Savannah Millburn

Grape Lover’s Giveaway

Enter to win this month’s Grape Lover’s Giveaway! We are giving away an awesome Americana-themed prize for the month of July. Head over to the website and scroll beneath the Grape Aficionados Blog to Enter-To-Win! You just might be July’s lucky winner of a fantastic and festive gift basket to enjoy this summer! GoOd LuCk!!

Opening Day…and we’ve got a blog!


baseball  If there was ever a day to start a blog, I believe this is it.  No longer am I sitting at the office listening to my favorite choice of musical accompaniment today…instead, I’m hearing ESPN speak of how baseball season is about to start.  Oooooh…the sheer excitement.  No better day to start a blog, in my book!

Seriously, it is perfectly ok…I mean baseball is after all, America’s sport, is it not?  How could I not love it?  My office mate (the hubs) has the Cubs vs. Pittsburg game on the telly.  How I vividly remember many an opening day back when we lived in Chicago…freezing in the stands–hoping for that one sliver of sunshine to hit us while we munched on popcorn and hotdogs, and cheered on the Cubbies–hoping that THIS would be “the year.”  Good times, indeed.  Yes, I think I’ll blog…and keep my fingers crossed for the Cubs.

With that said, WELCOME to ~The Grape Aficionado Blog~  …a place where you can learn things, laugh, create and WIN!  We’ll talk produce and more–and it will be FUN!  Come along…you’ll be glad you did!!